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How IT Sphere works

Decentralized platform IT Sphere

The marketplace of tools and modules, capable of meeting the IT market's needs.

Modules and tools for user collaborations

Created by users or integrated in the platform, using the existing solutions in the SDK. Each module is able to create its own model of monetization.

Decentralized society

Users based on the IT Sphere platform are able to use and share a variety of tools and modules.

Decentralized platform

Developed on EOS (scalability, interblockchain integration, low cost of internal operations).

The model of the platform is self-sustaining and aimed to develop the Community.

Integration of business model into Smart-contracts.


The global IT market is oversaturated with a variety of offers, none of which contain a unique, exclusive universal system that is able to assess the leading players in the market.

There is a visible demand for a transparent rating system, which allows for the assessment of the participants and all other levels of activity.

Key features


Multilevel evaluation


Identification of key evaluation parameters, in all areas


Transparent history of evaluation based on blockchain


Adaptive system of criteria evaluation, which allows the rating system to remain relevant, as technologies and other market developments continue to advance

First IT Sphere modules and tools


Xten – a Lead Sharing module, part of the IT Sphere platform. Created for efficient management of SW developed applications.

Xten allows one to focus on specializations and monetize customer requests. Using this module, one is able to accept requests that exclusively match individual profiles. Additionally, one is able to receive profits (% of the deal) from non-core and urgent requests.

The module generates additional methods to new customers, automizing the process of selling the non-core and urgent SW development applications.

requests – requests that don't match the company's profile. (19% of all requests)

requests – requests the company was unable to receive due to its lack to resources. (2% of all requests)

21% of all incoming applications

~380 000 000 $ in 2017 year in the world

For successful transfer of customer requests to another developer (within the Xten module). The user received a 10% commission o from the total transaction.

Xten platform receives a 5% commission rate from every transaction.


Q2 - April 2018

Xten MVP 1.0

Q2 - June 2018

Xten MVP 2.0
Presentation of IT Sphere in Asia
Rating System test

Q3 - September 2018

Xten 1.0
SDK IT Sphere platform

Q4 - December 2018

Presentation of IT Sphere in USA

Q4 - March 2019

Modules presentation:
«Education», «Investment»,
«Escrow», «Marketing»

IT Sphere Team

Project management

Maxim Demkovich

CEO, Co-Founder. Creator of IT-companies KODE, Proovelab, RedStart. Specialization: outsource development and digital products. Realization of more than 50 software solutions.

Maxim Varyuhin

CFO, Co-Founder. CEO BitMoneyGroup. Investor. Member of Russian Association of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Denis Tsunskiy

СМО. Expert in Europe, Asia and USA markets. Marketing analyst. Business developer.

Denis Gabdrakhmanov

CTO, Co-Founder. CEO Genesix. Web-developer since 2001 year. Heading IT companies in web-development and business automation since 2004.

Ivan Lukianov

Software architect. Web-developer since 2003 year (>20 projects). Modeling, The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, CusDev, Agile, Lean.

Vera Demkovich

Project Admin, PR, HR.

Daria Kazak

Project manager, internet marketing, SEO.

Anastasia Rebrenyuk

Project manager. Creating UC, coordination, terms control, ensuring transparency of the project, briefing.

Ilya Oganisyan

Xten manager. Student of Baltic Federal University. Event-management, SMM.

Aleksey Zubarev

Xten manager. Business negotiations, building partnerships.

Maxim Fadeev

Marketing manager. Business developer, entrepreneur.

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Development team

Vlad Ignatov

Full-stack and Blockchain developer. Ruby/PHP/NodeJS/JS/SQL/NoSQL/ Docker/Solidity/Go and test Cucumber/Rspec.

Arsenii Ivanov

Frontend developer. Development of highly loaded enterprise applications using React-Redux technologies. React/Redux/RxJs/Saga/Gitlab-CI

Aleksander Sharypyn

Full-stack developer. Development of highly loaded microservice architectures and SPA/PWA web-applications in blockchain technologies. Ruby, NodeJS, Docker, ES5-8, React, Redux, etc.

Danila Klinov

Blockchain developer. 6 months experience in blockchain projects development. C++, Python, NodeJS, BitShares, EOS, Hyperledger Fabric.

Ilya Lazarev

Full-stack developer. Big data experience. DRY fan. Ruby/JS/Rust/Elixir

Dmitry Ruban

Full-stack developer. Ruby / Node.js / PHP / JS / SPA (React, Redux)


Iliya Orlov

CEO, TravelChain. Corporate and strategic management.

Alex Ant

Social Supersystems architect.

Renat Mansurov

The owner of an investment fund with an official appraised value of $ 10 124 000. Speaker of international conferences on investments. Member of the club «Transformer». Strategic partner of the IPO «New Formation». Co-owner of 10 businesses.

Vladimir Gonchar

Business owner, expert on blockchain and crypto-currencies of the Youth Parliament of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, business coach of the International Labor Organization, MBA classification expert, member of the Board of the Foundation for Assistance to Entrepreneurship Development, managing partner of the Atlas International expert community.

Renat Putyatinsky

The owner of the brewing company «Ponart». The founder of the food delivery service «» and the co-founder of Mark Craft Burgers.

Anton Filimonov

Participant of RACIB, mentor «Time.e.Lab», СEO «HK Sapiens Ltd» (HK SPNS Ltd. Hong Kong). Specialist in marketing, branding, PR and SMM

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